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Support your local independent bookstore!


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 requires no extra work and no money on the bookstore's end.

If you would like a referral email, Paragraphs Bookstore will be happy to send you one that walks

you through the sign up process, and designates you as a customer to our store.

The Audiobooks you buy will then support Paragraphs Bookstore.




Support Local Bookstores.

By choosing over other audiobook services, you support

local bookstore like Paragraphs Bookstore. splits the profit made on subscriptions

and à la carte purchases with the partnering bookstore of your choice.





"Okay, you sold me! Now what?"

Now you get to choose how you shop! By choosing the subscription option, you pay $14.99 / month

and get a credit each month to redeem on the audiobook of your choice. They never expire,

and you won't lose an unspent credit if you decide to pause or cancel your subscription. If you are

not read for a monthly commitment you are welcome to shop à la carte.





After signing up online, download the app from the App Store (Apple iPhones)

or the Google Play Store (Android Devices) and sign in to start listening!





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Credit Bundle Gifts!

Wish you could buy an audiobook for a friend who uses or listens to audiobooks elsewhere? Now you can! You pick the number of credits, your recipient picks the audiobooks.

Click on the header to this section to link to your bundle options.