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Lackadaisy: Volume 1 (Paperback)

Lackadaisy: Volume 1 Cover Image
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"A historically detailed and profoundly weird world, with dynamic art and nonstop mayhem purring along." -- PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

"Beautifully captures the visual style of the Jazz Age." -- BOOKLIST

It's 1927 and Prohibition is in full effect in St. Louis, Missouri. Organized crime has risen to meet the relentless demand for illicit alcohol. Bootleggers, gangsters, and might-makes-right rule dominate the city's underworld, fueled by the patrons of speakeasies -- speakeasies like Lackadaisy.
Hidden under the unassuming Little Daisy Cafe and run by the widowed and strong-willed Mitzi May, Lackadaisy holds its own in a rough-and-ready world, where you're either holding the gun or taking the bullet. But will tenacity, class, and a little bit of crazy be enough to ensure the survival of Mitzi and her gang?
A keepsake collected edition of the cult classic, Eisner Award-nominated webcomic

About the Author

Tracy Butler was born in 1980 in Springfield, Massachusetts. She studied biology for a year at Our Lady of the Elms College in Massachusetts, before returning to her art. She created a website with some of her work, which led to a job offer from Simutronics, a Missouri game development company. Butler performed illustration and graphic design work before moving into 3D character design and animation. After living in St. Louis for some time, she purchased a 100-year-old house and began researching its history, as well as that of the local neighborhood, and ultimately the history of St. Louis itself. Combined with her interest in jazz music and the characters she had designed in school, this led to her starting Lackadaisy in July 2006.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781638991038
ISBN-10: 1638991030
Publisher: Iron Circus Comics
Publication Date: February 13th, 2024
Pages: 100
Language: English
Series: Lackadaisy